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MHC Challenge 2023

In Support of The Home of Rest for Old Horses

Manx Horse Council Challenge 2023

Overall results

1.Kennaa 51pts
2.West Coast 46pts
3.EVNPA 44pts
4.Pony Club 41pts
5.Conrhenny 31pts
6.Baldrine Stables 18pts
7.TREC 13pts
8.Chasers RC 7pts
9.Ballawhetstone 5pts
10.Chasers 3pts
=11.Strenaby 2pts
=11.Ballavartyn 2pts


Manx Horse Council TREC Challenge 2023

Organised by TREC Isle of Man

11th February 2024

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1st West Coast Riding Club 351
2nd EVNPA 283
3rd Pony Club 281.5
4th TREC Isle of Man 277
5th Kennaa Riding Club 273

Champion - Kathryn Scarlett
Reserve Champion - Suzanne Cregeen


Manx Horse Council Quiz Challenge 2023

Organised by BHS IOM

24th November 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1. Kennaa
2. Baldrine Stables
3. Conrhenny
4. West Coast RC
5. Pony Club


Manx Horse Council One Day Event Challenge 2023

Organised by IOM Pony Club

15th October 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

2. Kennaa Rc
3. West Coast RC
4. Baldrine Stables
5. Pony Club
6. Conrhenny

Champion: Jess Collister
Reserve: Alison Collister


Manx Horse Council Hunter Trial Challenge 2023

Organised by Manx Chasers

10th September 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1.Chasers RC 87.6 pens
Alice Teare
Laura Mylchreest
Gill Corlett
Clare Drewery

2. Kennaa 125.2 pens
Jess Collister
Macie Murphey
Lola B Bryce
Grace Wolstencroft

3. EVPNA 188.8 pens
Lottie Moore
Libby Shimmin
Breesha Byers
Barbara Eyres

4. West Coast RC 214.8 pens
Claire Jackson
Cameron Eyres
Ali Collister
Hannah Ripley

5. Chasers 248.8 pens
Aalish Creer
Amelia Easthope
Paula Creer
Sammy Cattle

6. Pony Club 196.8 pens
Vicky Thompson
Hattie Pepper
Sienna Curphey
Lyndsay Hotchkiss

7. Ballavartyn 434 pens
Bryn Thompson
Jess Blaymire
Victoria Gardner
Lucy Parsons

8. Conrhenny 469.2 pens
Jemima Mylchreest
Harriet Bailey
Isla Caine
Gypsy Mae Quirk

9. Baldrine Stables 516.4 pens
Lexi Looney
Niamh Danaher
Caitlyn Graham
Scarlett Walter

Champion: Lola B Bryce
Reserve: Jess Blaymire


Manx Horse Council Dressage Challenge 2023

Organised by Kennaa Riding Club

3rd September 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1.Baldrine Stables A 269.59
Grace Wolstencroft My Fair Lady
Caitlin Graham Maam Valley Champ
Georgia Stokes Pembroke Double Diamond
Abby Kirkpatrick Magnus Amor

2.Kennaa RC 265.63
Jo Karran Dissington Star
Annabelle Byers Milford Fair Jasmine
Breesha Byers Milford Fair Bouncer
Claire Cope Cappulcorragh Gold

3. EVPNA 263.26
Evie Grayse Cringle-Preston TJ
Neave Wheeldon Mill Leat Alice
Lottie Moore Evie’s Supreme
Toni Kewley Jack of Hearts

4. West Coast RC 259.96
Kadie Watterson Quins Fancy
Abby Kimber Cruising with Diamonds
Claire Jackson Riffeylands Playboy
Stephanie Gardiner Tullabrick Bouncer

5. Baldrine Stables B 250.59
Emma Bell Scottsway the Jester
Scarlett Walter Billy Aalin
Claire Bagshaw Cranmore Lad
Lucy Corlett Escaday

6. Conrhenny 248.22
Jemima Mylchreest Conrhenny Quids In
Ruby Qualtrough Conrhenny Billabong
Lindsay Collister Conrhenny Silver Sovereign
Jess Collister It’s the President

Abby Kirkpatrick Magnus Amor Champion 73.62%
Grace Wolstencroft My Fair Lady Reserve 69.6%


Manx Horse Council Driving Challenge 2023

Organised by Manx Harness Club

8th August 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1. Pony Club 50 pens
Evie Cringle
Carole Cringle

2. EVNPA 68 pens
Jennie Cryer
Jo Duggan

3 West Coast 76 pens
Jody Quayle
Claire Jackson

4. Conrhenny 84pens
Paula Dowson
Daniel Collister

5. Kennaa 86 pens
Allie Bryce
Helen Squires

6. Strenaby 1 118.5 pens
Sam Frize
Peta Rooney

7. Strenaby 2 146 pens
Mandy Underwood
Emily Gaylor

Joint Champion: Helen Squires and Carole Cringle


Manx Horse Council Working Hunter Challenge 2023

Organised by Southern Agricultural Society

30th July 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

1 Kennaa 359
Rebecca Sowerby Professor Higgins
Anna Higgins Cappulcorragh Gold
Jess Collister Its The President
Becca Scott Blakeney

2 Pony Club 324
Breesha Byers Milford Fair Bouncer
Vicky Thompson Sanwyl Bushwacka
Eve Steriopulos Xena
Lucy Parsons Sheer Diamond

3 West Coast 323
Kadie Watterson Quins Fancy
Sydney Hampton-France
Claire Jackson Riffeylands Playboy
Anna Savino Ulrika van Air

4 EVPNA 177
Fiona Montgomery Ferrishyn Lark Ascending
Barbara Eyers Carnsdale Trendsetter
George Hampton Booster
Herbie Hampton Lightening

5 Conrhenny 158
Ruby Qualtrough Conrhenny Billabong
Paula Dowson Khaleesi
Zoe Vogel Rushaveala Lady
Lindsay Collister Rico Spun Gold


Manx Horse Council Mounted Games Challenge 2023

Organised by West Coast Riding Club

1st May 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

The third round of the MHC Challenge Series took place on May Day at the West Coast Riding Club which hosted the Mounted Games Challenge.

Six clubs entered teams and it was great to see such a wide spread of ages of the competitors, ranging from the youngest, Ruby Corkish, at 8 years to some “more senior” members representing TREC! All had a good time and enjoyed the day for what it is, namely a fun competition in a discipline not normally participated in.
It was no surprise to see the Pony Club team dominate proceedings winning all but 2 of the races.

The team had a good work-out before representing the island at the Pony Club Area finals and were worthy winners of the Challenge. Second place was keenly contested by Kenna and Conrhenny with a run-off being required to separate them. Conrhenny emerged the better and Kenna filled third spot.

The MHC is very grateful to the organising club for their hard work in providing such a good morning’s sport. Mrs Gilbey, the president of the MHC, presented the rosettes and prizes.

1. Pony Club
2. Conrhenny
3. Kennaa
5. West Coast


Manx Horse Council Arena Eventing Challenge 2023

Organised by Kennaa Riding Club

16th April 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

The Isle of Man Pony Club team won the Manx Horse Council Team Arena Eventing Challenge today at the Kennaa Equestrian Centre

It’s the second instalment of the Team Members' Challenge which saw eight teams enter over five classes (45cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm), the places were determined by the least number of faults accumulated.

It’s a chance for Manx Horse Council members to try a new discipline in a friendly, competitive environment.

The IOM Pony Club team of Amelia Hotchkiss riding Russell, Lauren Batty riding Felix, Susie Callister riding Jack and Victoria Thompson riding Daisy came out on top registering 20 faults, West Coast Riding Club came second with 26, TREC Isle of Man finishing third on 38.

Susie Callister was awarded with the Individual Champion with Lottie Moore collecting the Reserve.

MHC’s Michelle Hargreaves thanked Kennaa Equestrian Centre for the use of their facilities and also the people who turned up today in making the event a great success.

The next MHC Team Members event will take place on the 1 May 2023 for the Games challenge at West Coast.

Final placings:

1 Isle of Man Pony Club
2 West Coast
4 Kennaa Riding Club B
5 Kennaa Riding Club A
6 Conrhenny Equestrian Centrenny
7 Ellan Vannin Native Pony Association
8 Strenaby



Manx Horse Council Show Jumping Challenge 2023

Organised by Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre

19th March 2023

In support of The Home of Rest of Old Horses

The MHC 2023 Challenge series kicked off with the show jumping round at Ballavartyn on Sunday March 19 th with eight teams coming under starters orders. The weather was kind and spectators were entertained by a treat of competitive show jumping over two rounds and a jump off against the clock.

The equestrian clubs are embracing the proposition of the challenge with new clubs entering and riders from other disciplines taking part over the fences. The Council is particularly pleased to see so many of the younger riders participating on their ponies.

The team competition was extremely close with just 4 faults separating the clubs after two rounds and two teams tied on zero. It was all to play for in the jump off for both the team competition and overall individual honours. Jen Crennell set an interesting jump off course which allowed the smaller ponies every chance against their bigger rivals. Once the clock had stopped after the final round the honours went to the EVPNA team with Conrhenney just a few seconds behind. Ballawhetstone filled the final podium space in third with a total of 4 faults. The EVPNA team of Gracie Kewley on Spritt, Fiona Montgomery on Ferrishyn Lark Ascending , Alisha Blower on Blueberry Brazen and Barbara Eyres on Carnsdale Trendsetter were excellently marshalled by their chef d’equipe, Jennie Cryer and did not have a pole in the entire competition.

The individual Champion was Sydney Hampton on Jack representing Ballawhetstone who scorched around in 28.93 seconds, just a bit quicker than the Reserve Champion Victoria Thompson on her lovely grey pony Samwyl Bushwaka, stopping the clock on 29.49 seconds. It was great to see two younger stars taking the honours against older opposition.

The Manx Horse Council would like to thank Jodie, Jen and all the team at Ballavartyn EC for providing such an excellent day’s sport. The next round of the challenge will be Arena Eventing at Kennaa EC on April 16 th,followed by the Mounted Games at West Coast on May 1 st.


  • EVPNA 0 Faults
  • Conrhenney EC 0 Faults
  • Ballawhetstone 4 Faults
  • Kennaa 8 Faults
  • West Coast RC 12 Faults
  • Stella 1 24 Faults
  • Pony Club 32 Faults
  • Ballavartyn EC 88 Faults

Champion: Sydney Hampton
Reserve Champion: Victoria Thompson




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