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Members' Championship 2021

Supported by Milan Veterinary Practice

Manx Horse Council 2021 Overall Challenge Series Results.
Supported by Milan Veterinary Practice

1. Conrhenney EC 46pts
2. West Coast RC 37pts
3. Kennaa RC 28pts
3. Baldrine Stables 28pts
5. Chasers 26pts
6. TREC 20pts
7. IOM Pony Club 19pts
8. Strenaby Stables 14pts
9. Dressage Group 6pts
10. Harness Club 5pts
10. Triskillion Polo Club 5pts
12. Oakhill 4pts
13. Heavy Horse 3pts
13. IOM Bloodhounds 3pts
15. Ballawhetstone EC 1pt
15. Ballavartyn EC 1pt
15. BHS 1pt

6 points are awarded to the winning team down to 1 point for finishing sixth. Clubs are awarded 1 point maximum for competing irrespective of how many teams a club may enter.

The MSHA Rachel Matulewicz Memorial Trophy will be presented to the winning club at the MHC AGM on April 28th.


Show Jumping Championship

Organised by Conrhenny Equestrian Centre

9th January 2022

Team Results
1st Conrhenny 0 faults
Jemima Mylchreest, Conrhenny Golden Premier
Lindsay Collister, Benaughlin Rambo
Isla Caine, Burnbank Aphrodite
Lottie Moore, Kilcoltrim Perfect in Pink

2nd Pony Club 8 faults
Lauren Batty, Classic Felix
Lola Bass, Balingore Surprise
Sammy Collister, Brandy’s Touch
Amelia Hotchkiss, Dowdstown Emerald

3rd Baldrine Stables 12 faults
Grace Wolstencroft, Cornaughty Nell
Victoria Thompson, Samuyl Bushwaka
Niamh Danaher, Ballakissack Declan
Abby Corlett, Ballalooby Clover

Individual Champion - Lola-Bea Bryce, Eragon Von Der Held
Reserve Lola-Bea Bryce,Blakeney Palamino

Big well done to the other teams also
West Coast
Pony Club 1
Manx Chasers
IOM Bloodhounds
Kennaa Riding Club



Quiz Championship

Organised by British Horse Society Isle of Man

26th November 2021

1st Baldrine Stables
2nd Conrhenny
3rd Kennaa Riding Club A
4th Kennaa Riding Club B
5th West Coast
6th Manx Harness Club



Arena Eventing Championship

Organised by Kennaa Riding Club

7th November 2021

Team Results

1st Manx Chasers Equestrian
2nd Isle of Man Pony Club
3rd Kennaa Riding Club
4th Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
5th TREC Isle of Man
6th West Coast Riding Club
7th Baldrine Stables
8th Odd Bods
9th Strenaby Farm

Individual Champion- Sammy Cattle - Rockmount Kallie

Reserve- Sammy Callister - Brandy’s Touch


Dressage Championship

Organised by Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre

6th November 2021

Team Results

1st Kennaa Riding Club
2nd Isle of Man Dressage Group
3rd Baldrine Stables
4th Oakhill Stables
5th Kennaa A Team
6th West Coast Riding Club
7th Isle of Man Pony Club
8th Manx Harness Club Ltd
9th Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre
10th Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
11th TREC Isle of Man
12th Ballavartyn A Team
13th Manx Chasers Equestrian

Individual Champion- James Mister - Graigueaverne Forester 75.45%

Reserve- Helen Squires - The Prophet 73.48%


Hunter Trial Championship

Organised by Manx Chasers

5th September 2021

Individual Champion: Lindsay Collister (Conrhenny)

Reserve Champion: Paula Creer (Kennaa)

Team Results

1st Kennna Riding Club
Cheryl Curphey
Paula Creer
Michaela Cannell
Jade Cannell

2nd Conrhenny
Paula Dowson
Lindsay Collister
Isla Caine
Jemima Mylchreest

3rd Manx Chasers Riding Club
Barbara Eyres
Laura Mylchreest
Gill Corlett
Sammy Cattle

4th TREC Isle of Man
5th Baldrine Stables
6th IOM Pony Club Blues
7th Phoenix Bloodhounds
8th West Coast Riding Club
9th Ballawhetstone Purple
10th IOM Pony Club Red
11th Ballawhetstone Orange

Overall Team Results


Driving Championship

Organised by Manx Harness Club

5th September 2021

Photo by IOM Equine

1st Frazer Houston
2nd Claire Jackson
3rd= Sam Frize and
3rd= Helen Ashcroft

Team winners:
1st West Coast Riding Club with Claire Jackson and Becka Scott
2nd Strenaby A with Sam Frize and Helen Ashcroft
3rd Strenaby D with Sammy Cattle and Lauren McKinley


Mounted Games Championship

Organised by West Coast Riding Club

31st May 2021 at West Coast Field, St Johns

Photo by IOM Equine

Round 1
1st West Coast Riding Club
2nd Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
3rd= TREC IOM, Kennaa Riding Club

Round 2
1st West Coast Riding Club
2nd Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
4th Kennaa Riding Club

Results overall
1st West Coast Riding Club
2nd Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
4th Kennaa Riding Club


Working Hunter Championship

Organised by EVNPA

16th May 2021 at Ballacaley, Sulby

Photo by IOM Equine

Individual Champion: Lola Bass William

Reserve Champion: Lindsay Hotchkiss King of Quality

Team Results

1st Conrhenny Equestrian Centre 367 pts
Lindsey Collister Benaughlin Rambo
Lottie Moore Conrhenny Stencil
Paula Dowson Khaleesi
Jemima Mylchreest Conrhenny Jellybaby

2nd West Coast Riding Club 364 pts
Kadie Watterson Conrhenny Wallababy
Claire Jackson Riffeylands Playboy
Lindsay Hotchkiss King of Quality
George Hotchkiss Greystones Pilgrim

3rd Baldrine Stables 359 pts
Abby Corlett The Real McCoy
Niamh Danaher Declan
Macie Murphy Llanai Poetry
Vicky Thompson Samyl Bushwacker

4th Manx Chasers
5th IOM Pony Club 1
6th IOM Pony Club 2
7th TREC


TREC Championship

Organised by TREC Isle of Man

9th May 2021 at Conrhenny Equestrian Centre

Photo by IOM Equine


MA (Control of Paces) Results

PTV (Obstacles) Results

POR (Orienteering) Results

Overall Individual Results

Overall Team Results

Individual Champion - Victoria Garner

Individual Reserve Champion - Debbie Wright

Team Results

1st - Strenaby Farm
Sam Frize
Debbie Wright
Lauren McKinley
Grace Wolstencroft

2nd - Manx Chasers Riding Club
Laura Mylchreest
Victoria Garner
Rebecca Baggs
Jade Fyfe

3rd - Conrhenny Equestrian Centre
Paula Dowson
Jemima Mylchreest
Vicki Hargreaves
Lyndsey Collister


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