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IOM Sport Aid

IOM Sport Aid

New Applications are welcome for IOM Sport Aid to be submitted at the next intake.


Isle of Man Sport Aid is a registered charity, established to provide assistance to the top sports competitors on the Island, who have shown that they have the desire, ability and potential to compete at National (UK), International (Europe) and World level.

Isle of Man Sport Aid provides support to recipients through a number of Support Services (e.g. medical services, Strength and Conditioning training, sports nutrition, sports psychology) at the Isle of Man Sport Institute and recipients will be expected to use these services. In addition, some financial assistance may sometimes be included within support.

The standards are very high and are principally for elite athletes or those with that potential as described below:


One or more of the following:

· Demonstrating a potential to future Olympic or Paralympic selection For Team GB.

· Demonstrating the potential to be a self-supporting professional in their sport in the next 4 years.


· Must be over 16 (otherwise they should be directed into the IOM Sport Aid Academy).

· Demonstrate a commitment to compete for and to promote the IOM.

There are also specific standards / levels within each equestrian discipline

If you are aware of any up & coming rider in any equestrian discipline including driving whether able bodied or para equestrian, that you feel has the potential to meet these criteria, please can you forward their name, contact details & email address to Nina Corrin – batsport@manx.net , Ray Cox - racox1961@yahoo.com or Rhona Bond - rhonabond@gmail.com and we will submit your application on behalf of the Isle of Man Equestrian Community at the next intake.

IOM Sport Aid Academy

The Manx Horse Council is looking for each of the member organisations to nominate young riders in Yr 9 and 10 at school for submission to IOM Sports Council for the academy. We are looking for not only the best performers but also those young people who show love and commitment to equestrian sport. The academy caters for all sports and whilst there will not be equestrian specific coaching there will be a lot of help and advice both for the young riders and their parents and coaches, to develop into sportspeople who can compete on the world stage.

The format of the academy is a series of lectures, forums, practical workshops and presentations usually on a Friday evening, 18 sessions spread out over 2 years and each session lasting about 2 hours. It is a commitment but one that could be very rewarding.

If you have interested youngsters or wish to speak to Ray Cox (chair@manxhorsecouncil.com) or Nina Corrin (batsport@manx.net) for more information then drop us a message.. We recently submitted some names for consideration to the Sports Council for the SportsAid scheme which is for over 16 year old athletes. One of the criteria for being accepted on the SportsAid scheme is graduating from the academy so this is an opportunity for our 14/15 year-olds to take that first step which could lead to a professional career with horses.

Endorsement from Sinead Cox who went through the first academy

"I found that the Sports academy really useful as it taught me things that can help become a better athlete. It may have not been specific to my sport, but it was specific to how to make my performance better, how to train better, how to have a healthy diet, competition nerves, time-management and many things that can make me a better athlete. It made me think about how I can relate these topics to my own sport. The Time Management made me think of how I can do my sport and do my college work and other sports commitments at the same time. It didn’t take up a lot of my time as it is a couple of Friday’s a month, but the more effort that you put into it, the more you will get out of it."

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